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  • Nick Johnstone will give a seminar on "Vintage-Differentiated Environmental Regulations and Plant Survival: Evidence from coal-fired power plants". The lunch seminar will take place on 10 October 2017 (13:00-14:30) at the Department of Economics and Management (University of Ferrara). Save the date!


  • Massimiliano Mazzanti and Antonio Musolesi have published a paper titled "The effect of Rio Convention and other structural breaks on long-run economic development-CO2 relationships" in Economia Politica Available here

  • Grazia Cecere and Massimiliano Mazzanti have published a paper titled "Green jobs and eco-innovations in European SMEs" in Resource and Energy Economics Available here

  • Claudia Ghisetti and Francesco Quatraro have published a paper titled "Green Technologies and Environmental Productivity: A Cross-sectoral Analysis of Direct and Indirect Effects in Italian Regions" in Ecological Economics Available here

  • Marianna Gilli, Giovanni Marin, Massimiliano Mazzanti and Francesco Nicolli have published a paper titled "Sustainable development and industrial development: manufacturing environmental performance, technology and consumption/production perspectives" in Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy Available here

  • Gianni Guastella, Stefano Pareglio and Paolo Sckokai have published a paper titled "A spatial econometric analysis of land use efficiency in large and small municipalities" in Land Use Policy Available here

  • SEEDS members have attended the fifth IAERE Annual Conference at the University of Rome Tor Vergata on 16-17 February 2017 Conference website

  • Antonio Musolesi has published a paper titled "Weak and Strong Cross-Sectional Dependence: A Panel Data Analysis of International Technology Diffusion" with Cem Ertur in Journal of Applied Econometrics Available here

  • Davide Antonioli, Giulio Cainelli, Alessio D'Amato, Susanna Mancinelli, Massimiliano Mazzanti, Anna Montini are cited by the European Commission Report titled "Riesame dell'attuazione delle politiche ambientali dell'UE: sfide comuni e indicazioni su come unire gli sforzi per conseguire risultati migliori" Available here

  • Ugo Rizzo has published a paper titled "The impact of hard and soft policy measures on new technology-based firms" with Laura Ramaciotti and Alessandro Muscio in Regional Studies Available here

  • Massimiliano Mazzanti and Ugo Rizzo published a paper titled "Diversely moving towards a green economy: Techno-organisational decarbonisation trajectories and environmental policy in EU sectors" in Technological Forecasting and Social Change Available here

  • Davide Antonioli and Massimiliano Mazzanti published a paper titled "Towards a green economy through innovations: The role of trade union involvement" in Ecological Economics Available here

  • Claudia Ghisetti, Susanna Mancinelli, Massimiliano Mazzanti and Mariangela Zoli published a paper titled "Financial barriers and environmental innovations: evidence from EU manufacturing firms" in Climate Policy Available here

  • Marianna Gilli, Massimiliano Mazzanti and Francesco Nicolli published a paper titled "Green inventions and greenhouse gas emission dynamics: a close examination of provincial Italian data" in Environmental Economics and Policy Studies Available here

  • New publication - European Topic Centre on Waste and Materials in a Green Economy by SEEDS on "Material resource taxation an analysis for selected material resources" Available here

  • SEEDS team is deeply saddened by the unexpected loss of Klaus Rennings. The team had the privilege to collaborate with Klaus for a long time and to appreciate his human and professional qualities, he was an extraordinary man and an outstanding researcher. Our thoughts and sympathies go to his family, friends and to all the colleagues that had the opportunity to work with him.

  • Job advert: Italian Ministry of Environment opens a call for 11 Environmental Economists/Statisticians Call available here

  • Claudia Ghisetti and Federico Pontoni published their paper "Investigating policy and R&D effects on environmental innovation: A meta-analysis" in Ecological Economics download here

  • PRESS: Firms and sustainability in SEEDS Research Activities, in Green Available here

  • Alessio D'Amato, Massimiliano Mazzanti and Francesco Nicolli published their paper "Waste and organized crime in regional environments: How waste tariffs and the mafia affect waste management and disposal" in Resource and Energy Economics download here

  • Giovanni Marin, Alberto Marzucchi and Roberto Zoboli published their paper "SMEs and barriers to Eco-innovation in the EU: exploring different firm profiles" in Journal of Evolutionary Economics download here

  • Simone Borghesi, Giulio Cainelli and Massimiliano Mazzanti published their paper "Linking emission trading to environmental innovation: Evidence from the Italian manufacturing industry" in Research Policy download here

  • Giulio Cainelli, Alessio D'Amato and Massimiliano Mazzanti published their paper "Adoption of waste-reducing technology in manufacturing: Regional factors and policy issues" in Resource and Energy Economics download here

  • Claudia Ghisetti, Alberto Marzucchi and Sandro Montresor published their paper " The open eco-innovation mode. An empirical investigation of eleven European countries" in Research Policy download here

  • Ugo Rizzo and Laura Ramaciotti published their paper titled "The determinants of academic spin-off creation by Italian universities" in R&D Management download here

  • Paper by Francesco Nicolli (SEEDS) et al. on Journal of Environmental Economics and Management is among the top 3 downloaded articles download here

  • Massimiliano Mazzanti, Giovanni Marin, Susanna Mancinelli and Francesco Nicolli published their paper titled "Carbon dioxide reducing environmental innovations, sector upstream/downstream integration and policy: evidence from the EU" in Empirica (forthcoming).

  • Chiara Franco, Alberto Marzucchi and Sandro Montresor publiish their paper titled "Absorptive Capacity, Proximity in Cooperation and Integration Mechanisms. Empirical Evidence from CIS Data" in Industry & Innovation download .

  • Massimiliano Mazzanti and Antonio Musolesi published a paper titled "Nonlinearity, heterogeneity and unobserved effects in the carbon dioxide emissions-economic development relation for advanced countries" in Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics. Available here

  • Antonio Musolesi, Christian Longhi and Catherine Baumont publish a paper titled "Econometric modeling of structural change for the European metropolitan areas" in Economic Modelling. download

  • Antonio Musolesi, Sylvie Charlot and Riccardo Crescenzi published a paper titled "Econometric Modelling of the regional Knowledge Production Function in Europe" in Journal of Economic Geography Available here

  • The 'green economy' can encourage jobs and innovation. Take a look at the European Environment Agency publication, written by Roberto Zoboli, Susanna Paleari, Giovanni Marin, Massimiliano Mazzanti, Francesco Nicolli, Anna Montini, Valeria Miceli and Stefan Speck (EEA). available here

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