SEEDS Annual Conference 2024

Annual Conference SEEDS

SEEDS aims once a year to gather the network and community of environmental economists with a focus on giving opportunities to young researchers to present their ongoing research and expand the field of green economy in an interdisciplinary approach.

SEEDS 2024 in Marzabotto (15-17 May, 2024)

You can find here more information not only about the conference but about the conference location and town.

The SEEDS Annual Conference 2024, set to convene from May 15-17 in the historically rich Sala degli Specchi at the Casa della Cultura in Marzabotto (Bologna), is a cornerstone event fostering the nexus between sustainability, environmental economics, and dynamic studies with three keynote speakers: Valeria Costantini (Roma Tre University), Claudia Ghisetti (Bicocca University), and Simone Borghesi (University of Siena, EUI).

This gathering is distinguished by its inclusive approach to innovation, policy-making, and research dissemination, reflecting the diverse expertise of SEEDS members who span academia, research institutions, and the environmental sector.

Kicking off with a day dedicated to PhD students, the conference offers a unique platform for emerging scholars to present their pioneering research, facilitating interactions with seasoned academics and fostering a collaborative ethos that is crucial for advancing sustainability agendas. This emphasis on nurturing early-career researchers underscores SEEDS' commitment to academic growth and the development of future leaders in environmental economics.

Importance of Marzabotto

Selecting Marzabotto as the venue carries symbolic and practical significance. Known for its poignant historical legacy and commitment to cultural preservation, Marzabotto offers a reflective backdrop for discussions on sustainability—a reminder of the need for harmony between human activities and the natural environment. The town's resilience and rich cultural tapestry provide an inspiring setting for deliberations on sustainable futures, echoing the conference's theme of fostering environmental stewardship through research and innovation.

Conference Objective and Audience

The conference is located next to the town's library at the Casa della Cultura in the Sala degli Specchi in Via Aldo Moro, 2 Marzabotto.
Aimed at a global assembly of 100 participants—including PhD students, academics, policymakers, and practitioners—the conference is designed as a melting pot of ideas to spearhead advancements in ecological and environmental economics. It presents an unparalleled opportunity for networking, learning, and collaboration among individuals committed to the sustainability cause.

Travelling to Marzabotto

Marzabotto is easily reachable by car and train, including car-sharing services from Bologna, such as Enjoy and Corrente. For the car-sharing services, please make sure to check their websites in advance to create a profile and other requirements to use the car.

By Car

By car, Marzabotto can be reached via highway with toll and without toll options. Please be aware that the toll option might make you exit named "Sasso Marconi" which can be accessed only via the "Telepass" option and cannot be accessed by paying the toll via cash or card. You can take the subsequent exit without much delay which instead has toll-paying option via card and cash. However, do check the options via GPS, such as Google Maps or Waze. The toll-free option instead does not have this issue.

By Train

By train, Marzabotto can be accessed via Bologna Train Station with options every 30 minutes lasting 35 minutes at the cost of 3.50E.

Accommodation in Marzabotto

There are a few options to sleep in Marzabotto. Please be aware that the closest may be 20 min walking and it is advised to arrive with a car. You can find here a list.