• Wenjuan Cheng, Alessio D’Amato, Giacomo Pallante
    Benefit sharing mechanisms for agricultural genetic diversity use and in-situ conservation.
    10/2018. Download

  • Jean Pierre Huiban, Camilla Mastromarco, Antonio Musolesi, Michel Simioni
    The impact of pollution abatement investments on production technology: a nonparametric approach (revised version)
    9/2018. Download

  • Salvatore Monni, Luca Serafini
    A Dangerous Alliance? The Relationship Between Ecuador and China (revised version)
    8/2018. Download

  • Hervé Cardot, Antonio Musolesi
    Modeling temporal treatment effects with zero inflated semi-parametric regression models: the case of local development policies in France (revised version)
    7/2018. Download

  • Davide Antonioli, Georgios Gioldasis, Antonio Musolesi
    Estimating a non-neutral production function: a heterogeneous treatment effect approach
    6/2018. Download

  • Giovanni Marin, Antonello Zanfei
    Does Host Market Regulation Induce Cross Border Environmental Innovation?
    5/2018. Download

  • Tiziano Distefano, Simone D'Alessandro
    An Evolutionary Approach to International Environmental Agreements
    4/2018. Download

  • Georgios Gioldasis, Antonio Musolesi, Michel Simioni
    Nonparametric estimation of international R&D spillovers
    3/2018. Download

  • Clemens Pfurtscheller, Elisabetta Genovese
    The Felbertauern landslide of 2013: impact on transport networks, effects on regional economy and policy decisions
    2/2018. Download

  • Tiziano Distefano, Guido Chiarotti, Francesco Laio, Luca Ridolfi
    Spatial distribution of the international food prices: unexpected randomness and heterogeneity
    1/2018. Download

  • Nicolò Barbieri, Lucia Dal Negro, Claudia Ghisetti, Susanna Mancinelli, Alberto Marzucchi, Massimiliano Mazzanti, Simone Tagliapietra, Roberto Zoboli
    Green-oriented Knowledge Transfers in global markets: technologies, capabilities, institutions
    11/2017. Download

  • Roberta Masala, Salvatore Monni
    The social inclusion of indigenous peoples in Ecuador before and during the Revolución Ciudadana
    10/2017. Download

  • Salvatore Monni, Luca Serafini
    The relationship between Ecuador and China: a dangerous alliance?
    09/2017. Download

  • Ugo Rizzo, Nicolò Barbieri, Laura Ramaciotti, Demian Iannantuono
    The division of labour between academia and industry for the generation of radical inventions
    08/2017. Download

  • Giovanni Marin, Francesco Vona
    The Impact of Energy Prices on Employment and Environmental Performance: Evidence from French Manufacturing Establishments
    07/2017. Download

  • Tiziano Distefano, Francesco Laio, Luca Ridolfi, Stefano Schiavo
    Shock transmission in the international food trade network. A data-driven analysis
    06/2017. Download

  • Tiziano Distefano, Simone D'Alessandro
    An Evolutionary approach to international environmental agreements
    05/2017. Download

  • Nicola De Vivo, Giovanni Marin
    How neutral is the choice of the allocation mechanism in cap-and-trade schemes? Evidence from the EU-ETS
    04/2017. Download

  • Hervé Cardot, Antonio Musolesi
    Modeling temporal treatment effects with zero inflated semi-parametric regression models: the case of local development policies in France
    03/2017. Download

  • Alessio D'Amato, Giovanni Marin, Andrea Rampa
    Environmental Disasters and Electoral Cycle: An Empirical Analysis on Floods and Landslides in Italy
    02/2017. Download

  • Giovanni Marin, Francesco Nicolli, Emy Zecca
    Drivers of international shipments of hazardous waste: the role of policy and technology endowment
    01/2017. Download

  • Marco Modica
    Does the construction of biogas plants affect local property values?
    12/2016. Download

  • Simone Borghesi, Giorgia Giovannetti, Gianluca Iannucci, Paolo Russu
    The dynamics of foreign direct investments in land and pollution accumulation
    11/2016. Download

  • Angelo Antoci, Simone Borghesi, Gianluca Iannucci
    Green licenses and environmental corruption: a random matching model
    10/2016. Download

  • Giovanni Marin, Marco Modica
    Mapping the exposure to natural disaster losses for Italian municipalities
    09/2016. Download

  • Giovanni Marin, Roberto Zoboli
    The integrated economic and environmental footprint of the EU: domestic and global effects of a transition to services
    08/2016. Download

  • Jean Pierre Huiban, Camilla Mastromarco, Antonio Musolesi, Michel Simioni
    The impact of pollution abatement investments on production technology: new insights from frontier analysis
    07/2016. Download

  • Riccardo Leoncini, Alberto Marzucchi, Sandro Montresor, Francesco Rentocchini, Ugo Rizzo
    ‘Better late than never’: a longitudinal quantile regression approach to the interplay between green technology and age for firm growth
    06/2016. Download

  • Marianna Gilli
    Towards a low carbon Europe: the role of technological change and environmental policies in European manufacturing sectors
    05/2016. Download

  • Marco Modica, Roberto Zoboli, Fabrizio Meroni, Vera Pessina, Thea Squarcina and Mario Locati
    Housing Market Response to 2012 Northern Italy Earthquake: The role of house quality and changing risk perception
    04/2016. Download

  • Giorgio Prodi, Federico Frattini and Francesco Nicolli
    Regional Innovation Systems in China: A long-term perspective based on patent data at the prefectural level
    03/2016. Download

  • Marianna Gilli, Giovanni Marin, Massimiliano Mazzanti and Francesco Nicolli
    Sustainable Development and Industrial Development: Manufacturing Environmental Performance, Technology and Consumption/Production Perspectives
    02/2016. Download

  • Simone Borghesi, Chiara Franco and Giovanni Marin
    Outward Foreign Direct Investments Patterns of Italian Firms in the EU ETS
    01/2016. Download

  • Grazia Cecere and Massimiliano Mazzanti
    Green jobs, innovation and environmentally oriented strategies in European SMEs
    21/2015. Download

  • Giovanni Marin, Claudia Pellegrin and Marianna Marino
    The impact of the European Emission Trading Scheme on multiple measures of economic performance
    20/2015. Download

  • Cem Ertur and Antonio Musolesi
    Weak and Strong cross-sectional dependence: a panel data analysis of international technology diffusion (revised version)
    19/2015. Download

  • Massimiliano Mazzanti and Antonio Musolesi
    Unveiling structural breaks in long-run economic development-CO2 relationships
    18/2015. Download

  • Francesca Lotti and Giovanni Marin
    Productivity Effects of Eco-innovations Using Data on Eco-patents
    17/2015. Download

  • Fabio Montobbio and Ilaria Solito
    Does EMAS foster innovation in European firms? An empirical investigation
    16/2015. Download

  • Alberto Marzucchi and Sandro Montresor
    Forms of knowledge and eco-innovation modes: Evidence from Spanish manufacturing firms
    15/2015. Download

  • Giovanni Marin and Alessandro Palma
    Technology invention and diffusion in residential energy consumption. A stochastic frontier approach
    14/2015. Download

  • Dorel N Manitiu and Giulio Pedrini
    Smart and sustainable cities in the European Union. An ex ante assessment of environmental, social, and cultural domains
    13/2015. Download

  • Valeria Costantini, Giorgia Sforna and Mariangela Zoli
    Interpreting bargaining strategies of developing countries in climate negotiations – A quantitative approach
    12/2015. Download

  • Valeria Costantini, Francesco Crespi and Alessandro Palma
    Characterizing the policy mix and its impact on eco-innovation in energy-efficient technologies
    11/2015. Download

  • Davide Consoli, Giovanni Marin, Alberto Marzucchi and Francesco Vona
    Do green jobs differ from non-green jobs in terms of skills and human capital?
    10/2015. Download

  • Valeria Costantini, Elena Paglialunga and Onno Kuik
    The sun also rises: policy instruments to mitigate the adverse effects on competitiveness and leakage
    9/2015. Download

  • Jean Pierre Huiban, Camilla Mastromarco, Antonio Musolesi, Michel Simioni
    The impact of pollution abatement investments on technology: Porter hypothesis revisited
    8/2015. Download

  • Nicolò Barbieri, Claudia Ghisetti, Marianna Gilli, Giovanni Marin, Francesco Nicolli
    A Survey of the Literature on Environmental Innovation Based on Main Path Analysis
    7/2015. Download

  • Nicolò Barbieri
    Environmental policy and invention crowding out. Unlocking the automotive industry from fossil fuel path dependence
    6/2015. Download

  • Alessandro Antimiani, Valeria Costantini and Elena Paglialunga
    An analysis of the sensitivity of a dynamic climate-economy CGE model (GDynE) to empirically estimated energy-related elasticity parameters
    5/2015. Download

  • Cem Ertur and Antonio Musolesi
    Weak and Strong cross-sectional dependence: a panel data analysis of international technology diffusion
    4/2015. Download

  • Andrea Rampa and Alessio D'Amato
    Living on the Edge of the Catastrophe
    3/2015. Download

  • Nicolò Barbieri and Alessandro Palma
    Mapping energy efficiency technological advances in home appliances
    2/2015. Download

  • Claudia Ghisetti, Susanna Mancinelli, Massimiliano Mazzanti and Mariangela Zoli
    Do financial constraints make the environment worse off? Understanding the effects of financial barriers on environmental innovations
    1/2015. Download

  • Nicolò Barbieri
    Investigating the impacts of technological position and European environmental regulation on green automotive patent activity
    31/2014. Download

  • Ding Weina, Marianna Gilli, Massimiliano Mazzanti and Francesco Nicolli
    Green inventions and greenhouse gas emission dynamics: A close examination of provincial Italian data
    30/2014. Download

  • Federico Frattini, Francesco Nicolli and Giorgio Prodi
    Technological capabilities and growth: A study of economic convergence among Chinese prefectures
    29/2014. Download

  • Andrea Cori and Salvatore Monni
    The Resource Curse Hypothesis: Evidence from Ecuador
    28/2014. Download

  • Simone Borghesi, Giulio Cainelli and Massimiliano Mazzanti
    Linking emission trading to environmental innovation: evidence from the Italian manufacturing industry
    27/2014. Download

  • Giovanni Marin, Francesco Nicolli and Roberto Zoboli
    Catching-up in waste management. Evidence from the EU
    26/2014. Download

  • Davide Antonioli, Simone Borghesi, Alessio D’Amato, Marianna Gilli, Massimiliano Mazzanti and Francesco Nicolli
    Analysing the Interactions of Energy and climate policies in a broad Policy ‘optimality’ framework. The Italian case study
    25/2014. Download

  • Sylvie Charlot, Riccardo Crescenzi and Antonio Musolesi
    Augmented and Unconstrained: revisiting the Regional Knowledge Production Function
    24/2014. Download

  • Tiziano Distefano, Giovanni Marin and Massimo Riccaboni
    Global Virtual Water Trade: Integrating Structural Decomposition Analysis with Network Theory
    23/2014. Download

  • Massimiliano Mazzanti and Antonio Musolesi
    Nonlinearity, heterogeneity and unobserved effects in the carbon dioxide emissions-economic development relation for advanced countries
    22/2014. Download

  • Alessio D'Amato, Susanna Mancinelli and Mariangela Zoli
    Two Shades of (Warm) Glow: multidimensional intrinsic motivation, waste reduction and recycling
    21/2014. Download

  • Grazia Cecere, Susanna Mancinelli and Massimiliano Mazzanti
    Waste Prevention and Social Preferences: The Role of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations
    20/2014. Download

  • Valeria Costantini, Francesco Crespi and Alessandro Palma
    Policy Inducement Effects in Energy Efficiency Technologies. An Empirical Analysis on the Residential Sector
    19/2014. Download

  • Massimiliano Mazzanti, Giovanni Marin, Susanna Mancinelli and Francesco Nicolli
    Environmental innovation adoption, sector upstream/downstream integration and policy. Evidence from the EU
    18/2014. Download

  • Valeria Costantini, Francesco Crespi and Ylenia Curci
    A keyword selection method for mapping technological knowledge in specific sectors through patent data: the case of biofuels sector
    17/2014. Download

  • Alessandro Antimiani, Valeria Costantini, Anil Markandya, Chiara Martini, Alessandro Palma and Maria Cristina Tommasino
    A dynamic CGE modelling approach for analyzing trade-offs in climate change policy options: the case of Green Climate Fund 
    16/2014. Download

  • Davide Antonioli, Grazia Cecere and Massimiliano Mazzanti
    ICT and environmental innovations in a complementary fashion. Is the joint adoption by firms economically visible?
    15/2014. Download

  • Giacomo Pallante and Adam Drucker
    Niche Markets for Agrobiodiversity Conservation: Preference and Scale Heterogeneity Effects on Nepalese Consumers’ WTP for Finger Millet Products
    14/2014. Download

  • Valeria Costantini and Elena Paglialunga
    Elasticity of substitution in capital-energy relationships: how central is a sector-based panel estimation approach?
    13/2014. Download

  • Massimiliano Mazzanti
    Market and policy shocks in economic systems: interrelated dynamics towards future sustainability
    12/2014. Download

  • Francesco Silvestri
    Competition and Environmental Externalities in the European Market of Municipal Waste
    11/2014. Download

  • Claudia Ghisetti and Francesco Quatraro
    Is green knowledge improving environmental productivity? Sectoral Evidence from Italian Regions
    10/2014. Download

  • Massimiliano Mazzanti and Ugo Rizzo
    Moving diversily towards the green economy. CO2 abating techno-organizational trajectories and environmental policy in EU sectors
    09/2014. Download

  • Massimo Corradini, Valeria Costantini, Massimiliano Mazzanti and Susanna Mancinelli
    Linking innovation investment and environmental performance: an impure dynamic public good model
    08/2014. Download

  • Jens Horbach
    Determinants of Eco-innovation from a European-wide Perspective: an Analysis based on the Community Innovation Survey (CIS)
    07/2014. Download

  • Giovanni Marin, Alberto Marzucchi and Roberto Zoboli
    SMEs and Barriers to Eco-Innovation in EU: A Diverse Palette of Greens
    06/2014. Download

  • Massimiliano Volpi
    Universities as sources of information: comparing the role of 'open innovation' and companies' motivations
    05/2014. Download

  • Davide Antonioli, Simone Borghesi and Massimiliano Mazzanti
    Are Regional systems greening the economy The role of environmental innovations and agglomeration forces
    04/2014. Download

  • Alessio d'Amato, Massimiliano MAzzanti, Francesco Nicolli and Mariangela Zoli
    Illegal Waste Disposal, Territorial Enforcement and Policy. Evidence from regional data
    03/2014. Download

  • Chiara Franco and Giovanni Marin
    The Effect of Within-Sector, Upstream and Downstream Energy Taxes on Innovation and Productivity
    02/2014. Download

  • Roberto Antonietti and Alberto Marzucchi
    Environmental Investments and firm's productivity: a closer look
    01/2014. Download


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